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RajasthanRajasthan, the largest state of India (3,42,239sq,km.) situated in the northwestern part of the Indian Union (23 30’ and 30 11’ North latitude and 69 29’ and 78 17’ East longitude) is largely an arid state for most of its part. The Tropic of Cancer passes through south of Banswara town. presenting an irregular rhomboid shape, the state has a maximum length of 869 km. from west to east and 826 km. from north to south. The western boundry of the state is part of the Indo-pak international boundary, running to an extent of 1,070 km. It touches four main districts of region, namely, Barmer, Jaisalmer, Bikaner and Ganganagar. The state is girdled by punjab and Haryana states in the north, Uttar Pradesh in the east, Madhya Pradesh in the southeast and Gujarat in the southwest.

The area of Rajasthan is nearly equivalent to some of the developed countries of the western world like Norway (3,24,200 sq. km.,) Poland (3,12,600 sq. km.) and Itlay (3,01,200 sq. km.)

Rajasthan has exhibited spectacular progress in several areas like agricultural production, harnessing of mineral resources, development of transport and communication, and the production of energy resources but the rate of progress and plans of economic development have been slowed to a large extent by a parallel growth of human population and livestock. Human resources are, therefor, to be geared into the channel of economic progress while taking care to arrest their future growth-rate.

The rich wealth of non-renewable resources is yet to be explored and exploited. Their judicious exploitation can make the state economically self-suffiecent.


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