Agro Industries

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The Agro sector is relatively a new sector and development of this sector is comparatively a recent phenomenon. This sector form a substantial part of industries in state as about 10,000 unit are working in small scale and tiny sector and 74 have come up in medium and large scale sector.

The agro and food processing sector offers scope for development of several industries such as solvent extraction, oleo- resins, kinnow/ orange juice, malt extracts, floriculture and a host of other items. Besides these items like mushrooms, tomato processing, other processing industries based on mango, ber, pomegranate and other vegetable like onion, potato, garlic. Industries based on herbal and medicinal plants, sheep, goat ,buffalo meat processing, poultry and poultry products and non edible oil processing industries have bright export prospects. The state government on its parts, is alive to the needs of this sector with regard to training, technology upgradation, improvement in infrastructural facility and a progressing Government policy with these measures, along with support from central government and the coordinated efforts of various institutions working in the filed of agro and food products. It is expected that this industries with come to occupy its due place in the agro industrial development of Rajasthan.

At present food processing industry faces both external and internal constraints. External Constraints include the cost disadvantages in the international marketing framework, while internal constraints consists following :

Future Potentials of Agro based Industries

Now, the time is ripe for another revolution, as we need to look at Agriculture from a global perspective. The state has to now look beyond the production aspects to provide a further boost to agriculture and related issues of Marketing, processing, value addition in commodities like food grains, oil seeds, fruits, vegetables, floriculture, spices, medicinal plant produce, dairy products and meat products. The demand pattern of agricultural commodities for the domestic market will shift as a result of increasing incomes, faster urbanization and changing eating habits, at the same time demand for quality production will play a major role in the coming time for our agriculture due to advancement in the field of Bio-technology and introduction of Hi-tech cultivation practices.

The state Government in extensively engaged in development of agricultural marketing and infrastructural facilities like construction of link roads , rural primary markets, rural godowns, krishi upaj mandi samities (KUMS), grower/producer/marketing cooperatives societies and post harvest management, required for efficient marketing system and optimum utililation of surplus agricultural produce, so that farmers shall get remunerative prices for their produce and protected from the exploitations of middle-men where as the consumers should also be able to obtain the quality produce and its processed products at the same time also, to enable the consumer to obtain quality produce and processed products at a reasonable prices. other important works that are entrusted are training to marketing personnel, publicity and propaganda, monitoring and market research, to initiate other works/ programmes for the benefit of the farmers. Film izleFilm izleFilm izleFilm izlefilm izlefilm izleyesilcam dizin dizinci kartus